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i am lost.. (x-flow, aba, obd..?????)

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i apologize for my ignorance:
what are all these letters??
and, what do i have?
(1998 2.0 Jetta)
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Re: i am lost.. (bananaboy)

ABA is the engine code
X-flow is the intake style of the newer 2 liter engines. Intake goes in the front of the engine, exhaust goes out the back.
OBD is On-Board Diagnostics. OBD I was the original, and OBD II is the newer version. The difference between the 2 is that OBD II monitors more emmissions controls than OBD I.
You car is an ABA X-Flow with OBD II.
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Re: i am lost.. (A3Jetta)

that helped a lot!
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Re: i am lost.. (bananaboy)

If you did not know any of that, than you are not ready to turbo your car like your sig said. Do yourself a faver spend some time reading up on your car and on the subject of turbo charging. 1st learn how everything works, 2nd learn how to drive, 3rd go really fast.
Re: i am lost.. (H2oVento)

vento is right, cept i went 2, 3, then 1
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