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I am trying to get in contact with the owners of the following cars. Please email me at [email protected] if you are the owner, or know who is! This request is in regards to a photo-shoot for a major VW mag!
Silver MK4 Golf, (1552?) Silver, Hybrid Turbo, 6 Speed, Deep Dish Rims, Body Kit
Green MK4 Golf, Porsche Rims, Vent in Fender, Intercooler, Jetta front end.
Red MK3 Golf, P'Zwo Kit, White OZ Spokes, White Roll Cage, 2.0 Turbo
Silver Passat on 6 Spoke 19's, Porsche Brakes, TT Filler cap
Green MK4 Golf, Turbo, 1552 Wide Body, Green Kenisis split rims, Eurotech plate
Silver MK4 Golf, VR6 Turbo, Wide Open Motorsport, Serious ICE, Schrick Manifold
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