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Okay so I finally went around to replacing my cat. The old one sounded awful, as if it had big chunks floating around in it. Very tinny sounding.
So i ordered one from [email protected] and got it in 3 days http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Installed it just now (which took forever because i couldn't get the old cat out from my TT center pipe!!! It was a Bi^^%*^%!!!
Anywho, i was looking at the old cat just now and i cant see ANYTHING inside of it. It doesn't look like it was hollowed out, it just looks like nothing ever existed inside it. Its not just a hole through the middle, but a big empty area the same size as the outside metal (minus the sides)
Whats up with that!?!?!
As far as performance difference.... i mean if i didn't have anything before... and i do now...
But it does feel a little better.. it stutters less, and doesn't make the clanking loose metal chunk noises. But it now makes alot louder patter out the tip. which it didn't do before...
Oh well, overall i am happy
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