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I finally figured it out...

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Test drove 2 GTI's tonight and 1 had the steering wheel controls and the other didn't Couldn't figure out why when the Monsoon didn't but the lower grade one did. Also, a new Jetta had it. Some more thinking on the way home - both the non-monsoon and the new Jetta had leather interiors, the GTI w/Monsoon did not. So, the controls come with the leather package. Those of you that knew this think I'm a dummy, but I had asked about this before, and nobody seemed to know much about it. Just thought this info might be helpful to others
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Re: I finally figured it out... (wookie1)

hehe i didn't know this either
so your not alone
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Re: I finally figured it out... (phreak9i6)

yep, knew that, but I did not read your other post. By the way, these steering buttons are not available on GTIs even with the leather pkg because we now get the 3 spoke steering wheel design instead of the 4 branch. The 3 spoke wheel is nicer IMHO.
Re: I finally figured it out... (newbiewithGTI2002)

i have an 02 gti with leather and monsoon, and there are no radio controls on the steering wheel (i have the 3 spoke), i thought they are only on the the glx model jettas/gti, i have a GLS (1.8t), glx is VR6
Re: I finally figured it out... (texture)

Hmmm. The GTI I drove had them, but it was an '01 so it was probably GLX.
Re: I finally figured it out... (wookie1)

My 2002 GTI 1.8t has leather, monsoon yet no steering wheel controls!
Re: I finally figured it out... (wookie1)

I have a 2002 VW GTI VR6 wirth every package and no stereo controls on my wheel. If I'm not mistaken the 2002 do not come with wheel controls. I think my dealer told me that.
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