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I found a decent VW service department

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Hey everyone-
I had to take my car into the dealership for a CEL, and was pleasantly surprised...everything was free!
My CEL came on after a drive from the east bay down to Glenwood, and I figured that it was just my MAF. I decided to call VW usa and file a case, and their response was to take it into a service department, and just to let them know which one it was. I work in hayward, so I decided to take it there.
Come to find out that not only is MAF bad, but they needed to do the reset on the ECU for my O2 sensor, and then, after all of that, my cat is putting out low volume. They just decided to replace it under warranty!
Keep in mind that I bought my car used about 4 months ago from a Nissan dealership. I was realy happy with the service, and must say that it far exceeded my expectations. I guess that all of the horror stories floating around about dealerships had me ready to dig deep into my pockets. If anyone else has any stories about their service department, please post. I don't want to get the wrong impression, and hate trying out different shops.
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