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i hate my air filter!

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i have an 81 audi coupe and im having trouble getting to the air filter of all things... the fuel distributor is connected to the top of the air box and i cant pull it up enough to slide in a new filter (i had to literally rip the old one out). anyone have any tips on an easy way to get the new one in??? i had no idea it was going to be so difficult
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Re: i hate my air filter! (cornyolio)

I've heard that these are B!TCHES to get to ...I've heard rumors that headlight removal is necessary as well as the buckets and such. Good luck!
Re: i hate my air filter! (billzcat1)

Any idea on how much of a difference a K&N makes on the 5cyl? I have one on my 9A in my Rabbit and I figure about 2hp (can't feel it)
Re: i hate my air filter! (Evilgtiguy)

My old fox had that same setup, what a bitch. I took out the hole bottom of the box and cut holes in it. Seemed to make it breath a lot better and it had a great, deep sound. I'm still waiting to get a TAP cone filter conversion for my car. Anyone know of any other after market companies that make parts for 20v coupes??
Re: i hate my air filter! (blkaudicq)

Dood don't waste your time with ANYTHING TAP for your 20v. A K&N panel filter will improve flow slightly and the sound even more. A slightly larger exhaust will improve flow but if you go too big it will make your low-end suck even more than it already does. Get some cams ground or if you are lookin to spend a lot, buy some Schricks. Delta Camshaft of Tacoma, WA makes excellet Schrick copies from what I hear. Another good bet would be to do suspension/brakes before anything else since that will make the biggest difference in the car's preformance.
Of course there are other options that are more spendy like turbos and such...
here's a couple decent companies http://www.audiquattroparts.com (Blaufergnugen) http://www.2bennett,com (2Bennett) http://www.vortrag.com (Vortrag although I haven't seen much on their site lately)
Good luck! IM me or email me if you have any thoughts on tuning the CQ.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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