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Re: I have a bunch of electrical problems, should I take it into the shop? (The_Hamster)

Go to the fuse block and pull it down out of the hangers. Check that all the individual plugs on the back are secured snugly in place and that the slide lock on the right hand side of the fuse panel is closed. Being a CE2 car, these circuits are all seperate that you have described so it is likely as the others have stated being a power or ground problem for the fuse panel or battery. The electrical systems on the ce2 cars are much simpler than you may think and are very easy to service if you are familiar with vehicle wiring at all. If the ground and power connections are all verified as good, you will have to trace down the individual item problems which may become expensive if you have a shop do it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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