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i have a question.....

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my brothers has a problem.. when he is driving forwards and speedng up there is a like a deep clicking sound and it gets faster as you drive faster.. it only happens when u got forwards and not when u drive backwards... he got his tranny changed like 3-4 months ago and we dont know what it is.. can anyone help.... PLEASE,,,
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Re: i have a question..... (sickvento)

cv boot maybe? does it happen when he turns the wheel?
Re: i have a question..... (WhiteVR-6)

no it actually you dont hear it that much... and it happens when you are in gear and in neutral....
Re: i have a question..... (sickvento)

Release bearing maybe, does it go away if you depress the clutch?
Re: i have a question..... (sickvento)

i dont know....try checking all the lugs on your wheels, my car was clicking like that one time and it ended up being that that lugs were extremely loose!!! try it man, sorry if that doesn't help
Re: i have a question..... (im from DUBlin)

nope it doesn't go away when i press the clutch.. could it be the diff????
Re: i have a question..... (sickvento)

how could i find out if my diff is bad?????
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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