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I just can't send it to the boneyard. (New member needs your advice.)

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I bought my 1984 Wolfsburg Scirocco new in 1984 and have driven it every day, ever since. It has 216K miles on it and still the original clutch
(although I'm not sure for how much longer) The interior is absolutely trashed. (It has always been parked in the sun, I'm sure that has something to do with it.) The body is in decent shape. It's never been hit but it is showing it's age.
I have 2 children that are getting big. The Scirocco is my car and my wife has a sedan. We will be getting her a new car soon and I will inherit the 10 year old sedan. (It's not easy hauling 2 boys around town with all their gear in the VW)
My dilema is this: I just can't make myself part with this car. I've had it for 18 years and I'm kind of attached to it. It is getting difficult to find parts locally and I have never seen interior replacement parts before.
My question to you is this: How hard would it be to restore this car? I have decent "shade-tree" mechanic skills so the labor wouldn't bother me. The parts issue is what has me concerned. Is it hard to find replacement parts, especially interior parts? Seems like there is an abundance of rabbit/beetle parts places but are there any large mailorder places that cater to Scirocco's?
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (JohnB)

Josh has you squared away already on the hook up, I just wanted to pipe up with some Scirocco Love and a heaping helping of brotherly comradship.
Your options are almost unlimited based on the ease of interchangability of VW parts and components.
Interior shot? No problem, For example: late year seats fit OK, and if you graft the bottoms of your existing seats to the laters then they will sit the right hight and retain the tilt function.
Keep that thing if you can my man, and don't think the bone yard is your only other option if you can't.
Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (TBerk)

One other note. You can still buy almost any part you need new from VW. If you go through Mike Potter (above), you'll avoid the huge markup, too.
Keep it. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Pretty soon the kids will be big enough to borrow it, too...
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Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (VWhombre)

keep it forever, 84's rule!!! junkyards can turn up some surprisingly nice parts for cheap, plus all the guys on here. there's always someone parting a car out or selling something, so parts aren't a problem. mechanically it's not much different than any other watercooled vw so like they said interchangebility of parts will help alot. i also noticed you live in virginia? how far from bristol? i'm about 20 minutes from there!
Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (VWhombre)

I would have to echo the sentiments of the previous posters on this subject... but you probably want to weigh the whole cost factor vs. your time vs. your passion for this car very carefully before you disembark on this little restoration adventure! I am not trying to discourage you whatsoever, just wanted to give you some food for thought because it sounds like you might have quite a bit on your plate between your family and work.
That all being said I would encourage you to restore the darned thing if you still have room in your heart and garage for it... the aforementioned Scirocco.org/ web page and list server is a great resource for help with the car! If you simply want to move on with your life well.. I am sure that there is someone out there that would love to take over and pick up where you left offhttp://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif.
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Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. ([email protected])

wow. original owner! that is a first in my books. i have never actually met an original vw scirocco mk2 owner!
welcome ::with opened arms::
it's your call obviously, but these cars of ours have heart and sole. you are going to regret getting rid of it.believe me, i have done it twice already (3 roccos).
i am sure over the past 18 years, you have some expert advice to share. ( http://www.scirocco.org - mailing list )
Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (JohnB)

Well, I am also an original owner of a 82 rocco.
Bought car in April of 83. (Yes 82 model sold in 83 with $ rebate, wasn't selling well)
It has 192k currently and is being driven everyday. The original paint still shines under the sun.
My interior is in decent shape except the dash is cracked.
Car is on original alternator, clutch changed once, shocks twice, fuel pump once, radiator once,
cv boot twice, pssgr side engine mount twice.
Upgraded lights to cibie with direct wires from battery. Also upgraded front disk to vented.
That's about it.
Yes, finding parts is going to take more times.
Good luck to you and your car.

[Modified by lam, 8:22 PM 2-6-2002]
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Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (lam)

1. Do the scirocco list NOW! (there's some sisterly love over there too BTW...)
2. Don't rush it, and treat it like a project that you do when you can.
3. Did you do #1 yet? then introduce yourself and ask for parts, the list will find them! And offer advice on how to install them, or even come and help you!
4. Enjoy your boys, I bought my 87 Jetta new (to hold car seats) and my son now drives it, your boys will be happy you kept the car, if only for the experiences they gain from helping you fix it. (he installed the Jetta's first replacement clutch, BTW)
5. Do #1, see ya there!
Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (punchbug)

I'd like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement. I've visited the sites you have listed and I'm beginning to test the waters. I guess there are easier cars to restore but this is MY car and like rockin16v said, I'd hate myself for getting rid of it. I've had alot of adventures in this car, like blowing through an Oklahoma Highway Patrol speed trap at 114 MPH (absolute and total top speed. Like the song says "that's all there is and there 'aint no more) one morning at 3AM.

Paul, thanks for the words of caution. In March (when the wife gets the new car) I'll be able to beach the Scirocco in the garage and take my time with it. It will be out of the way, so it's ok if life gets too busy to work on it. I'll just start where I left off.
I'll go back to lurking for awhile and continue reading about everyone's experiences. Soon I'll have my own to post about.
Thanks again guys and best regards,
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Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (JohnB)

You should keep it, my dad had a 77 bought brand new in Buffalo, NY and gave it to my uncle when he came to the US during the 80s. He crashed it in the snow in NY and I think my dad regrets giving it up. THe only thing that i have seem of the car are the rear of it from pics. At least the 87 Quantum it is still with us (orginal owners).
It also seens to depend on areas for looking for Scirocco parts. Like in FL, I've seen Sciroccos but like 3 or 4 a year mostly the same and the other A1 cars are also hard to find. Mostly mechanically Sciroccos and Rabbit Gti should be interchangeable. Most likely you are going to have to mail order your parts.
I hope you keep your Scirocco
Re: I just can't send it to the boneyard. (Aw614)

Keep the faith, man. If u pay the shipping, i will GIVE u doorpanels, rear inserts.
They are decent with minor flaws. Plenty of ROOM. I can get a 9 foot SURFBOARD
inside! Keep it. Its probably the only thing that is only yours.
Sounds like it would make a great learner for your kids...Too some of these guys, clutches are maintence parts
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