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I just thought of something about my motor!

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I have an ABA short block with my 1.8 CIS head. It is still at the mechanics, and I had these questions pop into my head. What I am going to do with the coolant system? What needs to be changed?? Do I have to get the ABA fittings? Can I use the original radiator from the GTI?? Please tell me what I need to do before I kill myself. Thanks, as always!
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Re: I just thought of something about my motor! (eurozex)

if my memory serves me correctly the aba is the long rod 2.0 out of 93 up cars. you should not have to buy anything for the coolant system. what you are going to need is an adapter ring for the distributor, as the aba dist is larger in diameter, and you probably want to retain the proper distributor for you car. Techtonics and eurospec both should sell this ring. Hope this helps
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