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i have th opportunity to buy either a rabbit (not sure of the year it has tan leather and its a gasonile 4 speed) and a 1st gen scirocco. the rabbit has a mint body but needs to be repainted. (was origonally tan and got spraypainted black) and the scirocco also has a mint body except for the bis ass sunroof someone poorly placed in there. they have crappy interior and all the glass is good. i fully intend to replace the origonal engine with a relatively new one and if i can find one get an old school turbo setup for it. i dont haqve pics right now, they are pretty over grown as it is. i had to bruch surf to get to them. i want anothehr rabbit but i have never had a scirocco and this is a 1st gen which are as we all know, quite hard to find. if someone could give me some direction here that would be great. also i am in louisiana. i am from Connecticut. and this is a friggin baron wasteland for VWs. it is awful. but like i said any advice will be greatly appreciated. thank you.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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