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I need Chip info.

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I would like more HP. What type of chip should I get? What performance could I get? Is it easy to install? Can it be returned to stock easily? How much does it cost? Will the "check engine" light come on?
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Re: I need Chip info. (jimk75)

2001 chips went back to soldered in place. Look at Upsolute or GIAC websites. Both have more horses just depends on which company floats your boat.
Have fun with your dub!
Re: I need Chip info. (Sc'd_Thumper)

Jim, where in PA are you located, best thing would be to go for a ride in a chipped vehicle. Email me for more info.
Re: I need Chip info. (jimk75)

Go to www.evoms.com and ask for jordan or todd. they deal with GIAC. it is a great chip. They do a good job. I'm local but they ship. good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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