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I make custom Colored gauges, so as you can see in my sig.
But i can't find miled gauges around here, specialy with fuel and temp gauge in the tacometer self, only miled gauge scan i have is 120mph spedo.
So if someone has scannys for me (300 dpi), i can make them in any color and put it on the site, and any gauges with lower than 260 km/h spedo scannys are welcome to

Check my sig to see the gauges i already made, all those gauges are 300 dpi so its very large and if you print it out you get good results.
See here my latest expanded 260km/h gauge (160mp/h) experience

I know its silly to have a 280km/h (175mp/h) but i still like it and i'll use one in my car
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