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i need help with my bone stock 91 Jetta GLI

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a couple weeks ago i bought a 91 jetta GLI for $2,000.
its got one minor problem...it idles erraticly...sometimes dies on me.
its SUPPOSED to be a vacuum leak but my mechanic friend doesn't think so.
when i push the clutch in to stop or slow down the rpms drop to low then go up to like 1k-1,500 or even 2k sometimes and then level out.
2nd problem....its gutless. i don't know alot about cars but anxious to learn. and i want to make this car fast. if i can't i'm gonna sell it. i can get an older audi quattro motor for free. but i'm not sure if it will fit. what other motors can i get?
and what performance parts should i add and in what order? and where can i get them?
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Re: i need help with my bone stock 91 Jetta GLI (puffmaster)

That definitely sounds like a vacuum leak to me. Might want to inspect all your tubing connections and check the intake boot for cracks. Pretty common.
You think the 16v motor is gutless? Try driving a stock 8v and compare it to yours. You must have one beat-up motor, my friend. Either that or you are used to driving cars with hundreds of horsepower. The 16v is a fantastic engine when in-tune. How many miles are on it? For $2000 the car can't be in perfect condition... I have only thrown a couple of minor modifications at it and my car flies like a bat outta hell. I pull impressive times on the 1/4 strip also. Get some cams in that baby along with a chip, exhaust, and K&N filter and you'll love it.
Don't know how well the Audi motor would work...they mount differently first off (VW engines are transverse). Then again I'm not swap expert.
Honestly, get the motor running right, have some performance items installed, and you should be set. Or, you can always drop in a VR6 or 1.8T....

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Re: i need help with my bone stock 91 Jetta GLI (2Dr16vJettaGirl)

check the underneath of the intake boot for a tear.
Re: i need help with my bone stock 91 Jetta GLI (The_Jerbel)

I have a 91 GLI, it goes like a bat-out-of-hell. ALso if you have a bad vac leak, you will need to remove your O2 sensor and burn off the carbon, or just replace it.
Re: i need help with my bone stock 91 Jetta GLI (bdsxxx)

bad idle? Vaccuum leak definitely. There's no question about it. Try unplugging the isv. Try adjusting the idle stabilizer valve.
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