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I have a 1996 VW Jetta. I took off the negative cable on the battery while the car was running to diagnois if the altenator was bad. The car continued to run. I shut the car off, and now, everytime I try to re-connect the negative battery cable to the battery, the alarm goes off. I have been trying to get it back on with no luck for about 30 minutes; with the doors open, with them shut, etc. The neighbors are getting sick of it! I checked for a fuse just for the alarm, but it doesn't look like there is one.
Can someone help me?

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Re: I NEED HELP!!! (FlippedBMW)

That happened to me too, my head was right in the engine compartment when I reconnected the negative..........not a fun experience
What I do now is I leave my key in the door lock, and when the alarm goes off, I lock and unlock the doors, and it shuts off. Hope that helps...
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