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I need your help!! PLEASE READ

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I dont know what to do, my stock front bumper needs repainted but i might just get a aftermarket bumper. If I get my stock bumper painted Im afraid I might of made the wrong choice. I would love to get a aftermarket front bumber but, theirs not alot that I like. I like a round bumber like the detrich RS bumper, but im not going to spend 400 bucks just for a bumper. I was wondering if you guys could help me out to find a reasonable priced bumper! (show me pics and links) Another question, is it dumb to rock a aftermarket front bumper for awhile, untill I get money for side skirts?
What should I do!!!!!
Paint stock bumper or get aftermarket bumper
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Re: I need your help!! PLEASE READ (96jettabink)

Most front bumpers are going to be pricey. So, if you are trying to save some money, your best bet would be to just re-spray the existing bumper.
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