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I ordered my wheels!!!

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Thanks to Sacha at Edge racing for finding them for me. tell me what you all think.
the wheel color is anthricite (only because he couldn't get silver)

I will post picks when i get them on.
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Re: I ordered my wheels!!! (BZZZZ_02_1.8t_Passat)

Papa Like. Let us know how much!
Re: I ordered my wheels!!! (CRD99)

18"x8" Toora T910 $214/each
damn cheap,
the whole combo came to $1560 (shipped)
I thought it was a great price. Sacha @ Edge Racing said that this is the last set he could get his hands on. (they are in California) so i guess i have a little wait for them to get to me in VA.
I will post pics when they get in. But i will only have them on for a day or so. Then back to stock for the remainder of the salt and sand laiden weather (here in NoVA they tend to put about 2" of sand per 1" of snow. it's that bad
Re: I ordered my wheels!!! (BZZZZ_02_1.8t_Passat)

Those are going to look REALLY nice, especially in anthracite!
Post pics as soon as they are on
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Re: I ordered my wheels!!! (BZZZZ_02_1.8t_Passat)

Those rims are tighter than pantyhose 3 sizes small.. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Enjoy them bro!
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Re: I ordered my wheels!!! (The Swami)

Different, that was what I liked. can't wait to get them here though.
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