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4:20 am and i'm up going through detailing forums, reading detailing guides, buying the odd and ends to my detailing kit, considering starting my own detailing business, just thinking too much about the perfect shine.
My thoughts are going to destroy me, i feel it.
But at least my cars happy

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Re: I think i've become a detailing addict (shinnster)

Just to make you feel better dude....you're not alone. Sometimes I feel I'm spending too much time on my car and too much money on just detailing stuff. What's in your detailing goodie kit? Here's my list:
MX-7 to clean windows
Meguiar's SMR
Klasse AIO
Klasse SG
Blitz Wax
One Grand Show-Off
One Grand ERV
10+ foam applicators
4 wash mitts
3 Absorbers
4 JCPenny's 100% Cotton Bath Towels just for the cars
20+ 100% cotton terry towels
6 Microfiber Towels
4 plastic buckets
Simple Green
That's most of what I have. Am I crazy? My family thinks so.....

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Re: I think i've become a detailing addict (oldkidVR6)

My family thought I was crazy when I put 7 coats of wax and spent 3 days detailing my 01 GTi, getting it ready to drive it back home to Florida from Michigan. THey thought I was nuts.


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Re: I think i've become a detailing addict (-=VdubGuY=-)

Here's my list of detailing stuff
mf wash mit
pinnacle car wash
Sonus wheel cleaner
sonus synth chamois
eagle 1 tire cleaner
klasse aio
klasse sg
Black fire polish
black fire sealent
Blitz wax
Pinnacle paste glaze
3m smr light and dark
pinnacle paint cleansing lotion
Pinnacle poly clay bar
Pinnacle lubricant
Cali duster
Aerospace 303
Lexol leather cleaner
Pinnacle Leather conditioner
Eagle one ZAP
Pinnacle QD
Meguires final inspection
6 MF towels
5 MF applicators
5 Sponge applicators
Stoner invisible glass
Several wheel brushes
I think thats it. It just dawned on me that i have way too much crap.

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Re: I think i've become a detailing addict (shinnster)

You'll know you're an addict when you are outside at 4:20am detailing your car. I've been outside at 10:30pm washing my car...my wife thinks that was nuts enough. She better be glad we don't have a garage..........I'd never be in the house!!!
Oh yeah......here's my kit:
Eiman Fabrik Power Wash +
Pinnacle Paint Cleansing Lotion
Eagle One Scratch Remover
3M Imperial Hand Glaze
Klasse All In One
Klasse Sealant Glaze
Blitz Wax
Eagle One Tire Cleaner
Eagle One Wheel Cleaner
Eagle One Glass Cleaner (I don't remember the actual names of the Eagle One stuff)
Eagle One QD
Black Magic Dash Protectant
California Car Duster
The Absorber
2 Sheepskin Wash Mitts
2 Buckets
...and more MF Towels, Applicators and 100% Cotton Terry Cloths than I can count!!!
Santa is bringing me a Porter Cable 7424 for Xmas!!!

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Re: I think i've become a detailing addict (derrickm)

yep same here. just got my dub a month ago and have already spent alot on detailing stuff:
2 Lambswool Wash Mitts
1 Chenile Wash Mitt
Klasse AIO
Klasse SG
Lexol PH Cleaner
Lexol Conditioner
3M Imperial Hand Glaze
Mothers Pure 100% Carnauba Wax
P21S BodyWork Shampoo
Megiuars #34 Final Inspection QD
P21S Drying Towel
2 Absorbers
~15 100% Cotton Terry Towels
5 MicroFiber Towels
5 Foam Applicators
5 Terry Applicators
2 Koala Final Wipe Towels
Mothers Clay Bar
more to come i'm sure

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