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i think my problem is

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it seems that after the car has sat for a while the o2 sensor could go bad. mine sat for 2 months and before it sat i was getting 400 miles on a tank of gas. now i am lucky to get 300 miles on a tank and i have a funky smell inside the car when it is going. it smells worse when i put the heater on. could this be the o2 sensor doing this
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Re: i think my problem is (pt_08)

How many miles are on your car? could be many things. Converter plugging up. bad 02 sensor, in need of a tune up etc.
Re: i think my problem is (3 bar)

i have 180k on my car. charger by-passed till i get money. i just got a tune up at the end of the summer. what converter could be plugged up
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