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I wonder where engine RPM limit is???

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I wonder how they(VW engineers) figured the 6500 rpm redline. It would be nice to know the number their test engines siezed up at during testing, because I have reved mine up to and past 7000 quite a few times, I just don't know if it is safe to do so. I mean, you see hondas running up to 10000rpm's, and based on the law of physics due to the materials used to produce castings and parts, we should be able to rev pretty high without worry just because the(hondas) can do it. What's the highest anyone here has (safely) reved?? Has anyone, or anyone heard of anyone else siezing/blowing their motor (1.8T) due to high revs????
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Re: I wonder where engine RPM limit is??? (gintaras)

the cams/airflow determine your redline...
Theres no point of revving your motor to 7500 or 8000 rpm's if the turbo is gonna poop itself, and the car will not be making any more power (due to lack of breathing)..
Remember the old 16V, well folks take those motors into the nether-rpm range, they actually continue to make power if worked(cams/pnp) all the way up there.
But to answer your question, the valve springs, and hydraulic lifters will probably start to float valves around ~~7500, There's a good reason folks stick with solid lifter heads with all the troubles they bring..

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Re: I wonder where engine RPM limit is??? (mrkrad)

Thanks, the question is not a performance question, but a safety question, I do not rev past 6000 rpms when driving/racing, but when lighting up the tires, well that's when you hit 7500 rpm's, I was just asking if it was safe to do so. And on a semi related topic, what is the safest way to do a second gear burnout?? Is it to pull the e-brake up a notch while spinning in first and then shifting?? is it shifting really fast while keeping on the throttle?? I haven't really tried to do it, I have done it before without forcing it (e-brake or holding the gas), but second gear only spun for about 3 seconds.
Re: I wonder where engine RPM limit is??? (gintaras)

I've hit my rev limit many many times, and I have a GIAC chip so mine is abit over 7000, the care is making power up there but I've just totally wound out the gear just to see what its like, and if I'm spinning it first I usally end up hitting the limiter. 6000is my peak power so when racing I usually shift at 6500 in 1st and 6k the res tof the way
Re: I wonder where engine RPM limit is??? (gintaras)

quote:[HR][/HR]I was just asking if it was safe to do so. [HR][/HR]​
Well, all is likely to be fine and dandy until you get valve float. That's when the valve springs can't keep up with the cams. The valves then start to hit the pistons. A couple of bent valves and the engine will cease to function (I know, I've been there [not with a dub though]).
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