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IC fitment questions

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I've been checking out ICs for my mk1 scirocco turbo project and need some input from people with a mk1 turbo rocc. Ideally I'd like something roughly the size of my grill (inbetween the headlights of course) to be put in front of the radiator. Long and thin pretty much. Other ones I've been
looking at are http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors...06594 and http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors...22582

What kind of piping issues will I run into with this placement? Is
there a better place to put one? My goal is 15psi, do I have to stick with
metal end tanks? Pictures of others' mounted ICs would be great. The
engine will be a bored out RD (originally 1.8 8v found in GTIs) with a
cross flow head, so I don't think I'll have the same spacing as you JH
people, but I am trying to go with MS which will free up a little room.
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Re: IC fitment questions (sad_rocc)

They say lomg and thin goes too far in,short and thick does the trick.wait,I think that was about something else though....hehe seriously though,stay away from Saab intercoolers,their way too small and will wind up putting a lot more heat in than they take out.I learned the hard way when I tired to use one on my G60 MkI Scirocco back in 1996 it got so hot you couldn't touch it.The Saab cores can be made to work if you convert them to a single pass instead of that double pass they come with,we've made both 2 and 3 core IC's like that.As far as placement goes,your on the right track of where to put it,anywhere else is a comprimise.Just get it mounted 1st and figuring out the pipes will come with staring and scratching your head.
Re: IC fitment questions (Hardcore VW)

Well, with sizing, since I got the placement right, wouldn't long and thin be more efficient? If I get a small square, I'll have to make the tubes go around the radiator. If I get a long rail just a touch longer than the radiator, piping will be shorter with less bends equaling better right? Plus, the squares seem to have inlet and outlet holes on the same side, while the rails have one on each side. Is it better in my situation to cram 2 tubes on the same side or spread it out a little? I've seen a lot of these Saab 900 'Blackstone' ICs popping up lately and they're supposedly better than the usual saab crap. Plus this one for sale has metal end tanks, some extra fitment pieces and is being sold by a friend of mine, so I know it's good. I'm trying to go with a basic turbo setup for now,with around 7-10psi and then will upgrade individual pieces when I have the money to improve on the existing system. This way I get turbo now instead of a year or so from now. Thanks for the input!
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Re: IC fitment questions (sad_rocc)

im not sure how the frame structure is on a MK1 Rocco...
but i did manage to make a Front Mount unit for the MK2 that fitts perfectly between the frame rails! not only that but i used 2 audi 5K IC cores that i welded End to End and with custom endtanks.
after all that i have about 1/4" clearance between the frame rails and the IC. Its a perfect fit.
i will post a few pics as soon as i get a new digi-camera.
Re: IC fitment questions (Scirocco G60T)

Do you get good flow from that position? Any worry about road debris flying up at it?
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