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Re: IC fitment questions (sad_rocc)

They say lomg and thin goes too far in,short and thick does the trick.wait,I think that was about something else though....hehe seriously though,stay away from Saab intercoolers,their way too small and will wind up putting a lot more heat in than they take out.I learned the hard way when I tired to use one on my G60 MkI Scirocco back in 1996 it got so hot you couldn't touch it.The Saab cores can be made to work if you convert them to a single pass instead of that double pass they come with,we've made both 2 and 3 core IC's like that.As far as placement goes,your on the right track of where to put it,anywhere else is a comprimise.Just get it mounted 1st and figuring out the pipes will come with staring and scratching your head.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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