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ic Windows

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I have a GTI 96 N reg & rear drivers window will only go DOWN with the front switch, it will go up with this switch 2 but it will only go up by the back switch, & not downany ideas please??.
Also the rear pasanger side window dont work at all, I have taken the door panel of, & the plug like scat lead on the bottom of the motor of & back on again to see if it was a bad conection, I want 2 check 2 c if there is power going to the motor but dont know what wires are for the window as it has full closure fitted any ideas please on this 2????. I am a new golf owner & have been given this web site by other members that i have found
Hope some 1 can help me!!!!
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Re: ic Windows (chergie)

sounds like either the rear drivers side window switch is broken, or the wiring has come a bit loose. that should be an easy fix, just open it up and take a look.

Not sure on the rear passenger side, but if you are handy at electronics, get yourself a Bentley manual for your Golf and just follow the schematics in it.
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