The software issues that have been causing production delays and discord in the highest ranks of VW are causing more difficulties. Although the company plans to start delivering the ID.3 in September, it will, unfortunately, be with some features disabled.

Volkswagen is only delivering ID.3 1st editions in September and offering buyers the opportunity to have their car delivered later (in the fourth quarter of 2020) if they choose. If not, their car will not have App Connect nor the distance feature in the head-up display activated.

People who choose to wait will have all functions from the time they get their keys. Those who choose to take delivery in September, though, will have to wait until an update is available.

“The last few months working under the difficult conditions of the pandemic have been a big challenge for the entire ID.3 team,” says Thomas Ulbrich, board member for e-mobility. “That makes the imminent market launch of the ID.3 all the more important. Locally emission-free driving, the highest quality standards and a thrilling drive experience – that is the new ID.3.”

To thank buyers for waiting for their car, Volkswagen is offering them a membership to the “ID.3 1st Movers Club.” This will give owners a direct line to VW and will allow VW to collect feedback and comments for development. Any lessees will also not have to pay any leasing rates for the first three months.