Although the ID.3 was mechanically ready to go, software issues dogged the first models, which were delivered without some optional features. Now, VW says those problems have been solved, according to Automotive News.

As we reported in June, those who preordered the ID.3 1st Edition were invited to either wait for a fully debugged car or get one in which App Connect and the distance feature in the heads up display were disabled.

“The last few months working under the difficult conditions of the pandemic have been a big challenge for the entire ID.3 team,” said Thomas Ulbrich, board member for e-mobility, at the time. “That makes the imminent market launch of the ID.3 all the more important. Locally emission-free driving, the highest quality standards, and a thrilling drive experience – that is the new ID.3.”

The particularly thorny issue appears to have been the heads-up-display, which projects driving directions onto the windshield. Whatever the case, VW says that the problems have been fixed. Owners will be able to return their car to the dealership to have its software fixed, though the update will take a few days given its size.

Volkswagen says it will thank its first customers—First Movers—by offering incentives likes fewer lease payments.

“We have seen with our First Movers they are proud of their car and they serve as brand ambassadors,” a VW spokesperson told AN. “The happier we can make them, the greater the chance they recommend the vehicle to their friends and acquaintances.”

Although this was not an issue in North America, where ID.4s have yet to hit the road, that VW is getting its software act together is good. Software design is increasingly important in the automotive world and nowhere is it more important than in EVs, some of which from other brands have “bricked.”

Volkswagen is investing in better software design infrastructure in order to reduce the number of problems and bring more engineering in-house. In many ways, Europe is acting as a testbed for North America so for once the delay between getting VWs there and here may be a good thing.