Volkswagen's reservations page for the ID.4 went down yesterday as a result of high demand. The automaker apologized for the site crashing and it was back working long enough for reservations of the ID.4 1st Edition to run out.
In its apology post, VW couldn’t help but flex, saying how flattered it was by the “interest in the #ID4—you guys broke our site!” 
Reservations are not quite sales, though. The $100 deposit secures a build spot, which then allows you to be among the first to get the ID.4 (the $100 is taken off the price of the car when you do buy it). This was, however, undeniably good news for VW, whose ID.4 will likely be more important than the ID.3 and will certainly be the first EV on the MEB platform sold in the US.
Strong interest in the ID.4 at its unveiling is certainly better than cool disinterest and the combination of price (starting at $39,99%) and range (250 miles) makes it a strong contender for people who are priced out of a Model Y. 
As Scott Keogh, president of the VW Group of America, pointed out in a call with media following the car’s unveiling, the average transaction price for an EV in the US is $55,000. So although not exactly cheap, the ID.4 is more affordable than the competition.
The 1st Edition, which started $43,995, came with two special equipment packages (Statement and Gradient) which gave you access to the ID.4’s full suite of technology, a massive infotainment screen, 20-inch alloy wheels, an illuminated grille, a panoramic sunroof, and more.
Right now, the ID.4 is only available as a rear-motor RWD making 201 hp, but a 302 hp AWD version is coming in 2021.