Trademark filings uncovered by Canada’s give us a hint as to how Volkswagen will sell its coming range of electric vehicles. The trademarks include ID.4 X, ID.5 X, and ID.6 X.

Although VW Vortex previously found trademarks for IDs 1 through 9, these new trademarks seem to hint at how AWD IDs will be sold.

Volkswagen has long said that its EVs could be fitted with either one electric motor between the rear wheels or with electric motors between both axles. The two-motor option would be more powerful and capable but also more expensive.

Given X’s wide adoption as the AWD suffix, it’s a safe bet that the ID.4 X will be the AWD version of the ID.4, which will be the follow-up to the ID.3 based on the ID. Crozz. Whether or not the Xs mean anything more than simply AWD—it could, for instance, be applied like the Cross-Sport suffix—is unknown.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Volkswagen EVs coming with an Xy suffix. Late last year Autocar reported that high-performance GTI-like IDs would wear the GTX name . Although these appear to serve different purposes, it’s worth remembering that the rumor suggested that the GTX would also send power to all four wheels.

The name won’t necessarily be used exclusively in Canada, as found the trademarks in the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The latest reports suggest that the ID.4 will hit production late this year, though we shouldn’t have to wait that long for the production version to be revealed. It will first be built in Germany alongside the ID.3 before production is moved to Chattanooga when the EV line is built.