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Ideal offset for this wheel.

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I think I'm planning on getting these wheels. What would be the ideal offset? They are available anywhere from 18-45mm. BTW- they are 17x7.5
Also these are MAS alloy (model-gypsy) wheels, anyone heard of the company? If so what is their home website? They look very similar to the Konig Monsoons... the reason I like these more is that the center portion is much less crowded.
Please no flaming.. I know these might not be of some of your tastes

edit- by the way I have no drop but plan on maybe putting on an H&R Cup Kit later on

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Re: Ideal offset for this wheel. (Don't Have One)

the ideal offset for slammin purposes would be et35
if you want them to sit flush with the fenders youll want an et30
but beware with et30 youll need to do some fender rolling
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