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IDEAS: I Need Some Easy Car Projects To Do To My MKII Jetta

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i'm lookin for somethin to do to my mkII. somethin with lights maybe, or with the exterior. i'm pretty busy these days and when i have free time i like to work on my car but i'm running out of ideas. I've done a few big projects but right now i just don't have the spare time...I'll take any idea's or suggestions. Thanks

If anyone wants to gimme some pics of their mkII, thats cool too.
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What about converting the square headlights to rounds? If its not like that already.
What about converting the square headlights to rounds? If its not like that already.
yeah i'm thinkin about that. now that i have this forum it'll be easier to get to parts for cheaper
Well, you could always start with simple stuff;

Paint your brake calipers

Detail the car
-degrease the engine bay
-use a clean paint brush and get all the dust and crap out of the nooks and crannies

-redo door card inserts, headliner, rear deck. Textiles are inexpensive and easy to work with

sound system- easy to upgrade the HU and speakers.

What kind of things have you already done? what is the goal of your car? Show piece? Daily driver? Pimp-mobile?
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New accessories are always fun, and can add to the visual appeal of your vehicle. Lots of ideas here, and in other enthusiasts' forums. Why, here's an easy wheel swap, shifter, and security combo you could try:


I'm sorry, I couldn't pass it up... :laugh:

What Slowroller said. Good advice... :thumbup:
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yeah i'll clean it all up again. its pretty clean but it could be cleaner. its my daily driver, i'm goin for a sleeper kinda thing but with a really nice Euro look to it.
you should get some good speakers and a sub.
lower it a little more
then poke the wheels

then get some yellow fogs, a roof rack, rear sway bar, and an intake then you'll be all set.

Best of luck
dizzy dizzy dizzy drake :p
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