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idle problems

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changed old vacumm lines about a week ago, and not my car has a problems starting. also, when i come to a stop, sometimes the brake pedal will lose stiffness, and depress almost to the floor, unless i pump them. also if i pump the brakes, the engine will rev to about 900-1000 rpm, but then fall to almost stalling...???? any help
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Re: idle problems (St1rno1)

Check for a vacuum leak.
Re: idle problems (St1rno1)

sounds like you have two diff problems. If you have a leaking brake booster or lines to it whatever, the brake pedal will become STIFF...like when you shut off the car and pump the brakes several times...like that. not soft. when its soft and goes towards the floor that sounds like your master cylinder is going out.
if you pump the hell out of the brakes the motor will rev up its supposed to, all cars do it for the most part.
cannot help you on the stalling thing though unfortunatly. i would check to make sure the ISV is working alright, also make sure that the crank case ventilation is all sealed up/oil cap tight w/ no leaks.
also make sure that your intake boot and everything isnt cracked and leaking in unmetered air.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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