Integrated Engineering is proud to release several MQB/MK7 2.0T engine internal components to our Volkswagen and Audi customers around the world. These internals are designed to hold the highest power levels and beyond  produced from the latest generation 2.0T EA888 GEN 3 engines. This release includes the internal parts of IE Spec Mahle Motorsport Pistons, IE H-beam and Tuscan I-beam Connecting Rods, Mahle Motorsport Rod Bearings, IE Valve Spring and Retainer Kits, IE Valve Guides, and ARP Head Studs. All prices are listed in USD.

Gen 3 Connecting Rods


  • Tuscan I-beam Connecting Rod Set - IE’s most premium connecting rod offering, part number IERTVN1, $649.99.  SHOP NOW

  • H-beam with rifle drilling 144x22mm Connecting Rod Set - guaranteed to support 700HP, includes rifle drilling which we recommend for daily driven applications, part number IERHVN1-RD, $549.99.  SHOP NOW

  • H-beam Connecting Rods Set - guaranteed to support 700HP, the workhorse of our rod lineup, part number IERHVN1, $449.99.  SHOP NOW
GEN 3 IE Valve Spring & Titanium, Retainer Kit


IE Valve Spring  and Titanium Retainer Kit - USA wound springs and titanium retainers made in-house, rated for 8,500 RPM, part number IEVTVN2, $549.99. SHOP NOW

GEN 3 IE Performance Valve Guides


IE Valve Guides - Made in-house from a proprietary heat dispersing alloy, part number IEVTVN1, $9.95 each. SHOP NOW

GEN 3 IE Spec Mahle Pistons


  • IE/Mahle stock bore pistons - 82.5mm Bore, 9.3:1 CR, part number MAH-PVN1, $899.99.  SHOP NOW

  • IE/Mahle stock bore pistons - 83mm Bore, 9.3:1 CR, part number MAH-PVN2, $899.99.  SHOP NOW
GEN 3 Connecting Rod Bearings


Mahle/VanderVell 4 Cylinder Bearing Set - Perfect performance match when used with IE Connecting Rods, part nymber MAH-VC1027, $159.00. SHOP NOW

GEN 3 Head Studs


ARP Head Stud Kit - ARP is the only name in the game when it comes to engine hardware. Affordable, totally re-useable, made in the USA.  Part Number ARP-CVN1, $151.99. SHOP NOW

Also coming soon from Integrated Engineering will be GEN 3 Sport Blocks. We currently offer these popular assembled short blocks for 2.0T FSI and 2.0T TSI platforms. Pricing is expected to be roughly $4,500 for the GEN 3 version and should be released in summer 2016.
Stay tuned for more exciting MK7/MQB news from IE!