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If i started a gb?

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If I were to start a groupbuy on MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust Systems, how many of you would be seriously interested? If I get enough people i will contact magnaflow and start it up.
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Re: If i started a gb? (blkjettavr6)

you should find out prices first.
Re: If i started a gb? (JetTAFLiTe)

I'm just waiting for the next gb. Last 2, i've been short on change. It would be a stretch now, but i could ask my parents to pay for it and give it to me as a christmas gift.
itw ould have to be under 350. The last GB of 320 shipped was perfect.
Re: If i started a gb? (Slapshotnerd)

under $350 and I'm in http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: If i started a gb? (VR6_Idaho)

I think I saw a magnaflow GB at http://pocketrocket.on.ca/
$267 with 16 people.
I think they have 10 now ...HURRY

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Re: If i started a gb? (Prognosis)

the group buy is for $505. even in canadian, thats around 350 american or so. rough estimate.
Re: If i started a gb? (Slapshotnerd)

I'm in at $320...
... but what's this I hear about $267
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