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if you could have any spec piston, what would it be?

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if you want, copy/paste this and email it over to me.. These are not for sale at this time, I am working up some info for a company that is thinking of coming over to the VW/Audi market. If this pans out there will be a very nice intro Group Buy.
Pistons can run from normal use to extreme abuse

[email protected]
Piston Spec Form:
Bore Size: ______________________
Rod Length:______________________
Comp. Dist.:______________________
Block Height:_____________________
Deck Height:______________________
Piston Type: ___Dome | ___Flat Top | ___Dish
Ring Groove Info:
Oil Ring:_______
Support Rail:_______
Rings With Order? ____Yes | ____NO
Valve Pocket Info:
Intake Depth:______________ Intake Dia.:__________________
Exhaust Depth:_______________ Exhaust Dia.:_______________
Valve Angle:_________________ Valve Spacing:______________
Wrist Pin Info:
Dia.:______________ Length:_____________
Pin Lock:_________________ Amt.Thk.:_______________
+additional Wrist Pin Info:
Material Type: ____4130 (normal) | ____9310 (endurance) | ____ H13 (drag/extreme)
Wall Type: _____Straight | _____Tapered (not available in 4130)

Application Info:
Engine Type: _____________________________
Application: _______________________________
Comp. Ratio:________________________________

Cyl. Head:
Chamber Volume:_____________________
Gasket Volume:_______________________
Angle Cut:___________________________
Rod Info:
Material: ____Steel | ______Alum.
Small end width ______________ Thickness above Pin: _________________
Piston material: _____2618 | _____4032
Skirt Type: ____ Profiled Side Relief | ____ Full Round
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