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Angry Commuter Parks Across Rail Line
May 20, 4:40 PM (ET)

HOVE, England (AP) - When Simon Taylor was told that a train would not stop at his station, the distressed commuter parked his car on the track. Taylor, 47, admitted in court Thursday that he had obstructed the line which runs between London and Eastbourne on the south coast, in violation of the Malicious Damages Act of 1861.
Judge Austin Issard Davies rejected Taylor's claim that he had not intended to block the line, but that anger had affected his judgment.
Taylor, who was released on bail, faces a maximum of two years in prison when he is sentenced on June 17, the judge said.
"The fact that the car was there for some little time, and the fact that it was there at all, is I conclude connected to his anger at the situation he found when he arrived at the station," the judge said.
Prosecutor Nigel Taylor said Taylor arrived at Berwick station near Eastbourne at 6:20 a.m. on Sept. 29 to catch a train to London, but was told that the scheduled 6:30 train would not be stopping.
Minutes later, a railway official "saw his vehicle and he was parked on the level crossing," the prosecutor said.
Taylor did move his car when asked, and caught another train half an hour later.
In a police interview, Taylor said, "It was a staggeringly stupid thing to do. It was done out of anger and frustration and lack of thought."
South Central, the train operator, said it was fined $381 per minute for a six-minute delay caused by Taylor's action. It has billed him for the amount, but he has yet to pay.
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