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Ignition box reverse-engineering

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Has anybody done that? What I need, is a way to get the box to adjust the timing how i command it. Does any company make some kind of "fooling"box to it? Like PSI powerbox to TDi engines.
There is a different map for cold engine, so it can easily be fooled to think that the engine is cold. I would appreciate if somebody could share their info.
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Re: Ignition box reverse-engineering (terokoo)

vw actually is interesting. In some places (like europe) they advance timing for more power when cold, in the usa they like to pop timing out, i'm guessing for emissions (cold start).
haven't figured the logic behind it yet. But i've seen it in a few different ecu's.
Yes, euro does advance when cold to get more torque, but does it do that under load or at high rpm's? Maybe i need to do some investigations with my road dyno..
Doesn't anybody have any info ..?
I know that there are active european users in here. Could you kindly guide me to some european BBS, where i could post this question also..?
Vortex is the only BBS - besides ours in Finland, http://www.ffp-motorsport.com - that i know of with very active technical discussions.
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