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I recently replaced the ignition switch on our 2005 2.0L New Beetle to solve a dead battery/ignition key (it would rotate 360 degrees before catching sometimes) problem, but I thought I'd post about an additional problem, which was the ignition lock cylinder sticking and not popping out when I removed the key from the ignition. After I replaced the ignition switch, I was still getting that problem although less frequently - the lock cylinder would sometimes simply not pop out when the key was removed. So the radio would stay on and the door would chime when I opened the door to get out - as if the key were still in the ignition. Sometimes putting the key back in the ignition slot and jiggling it would do the trick and cause the cylinder to pop out, and sometimes putting the key in and then very quickly removing it would cause the lock cylinder to pop out. This would happen about every 3rd or 4th time I put the key in the ignition.

Before replacing the lock cylinder, I thought I'd clean the inside of the key slot, since most of the time the lock cylinder did pop out. So, first, I put WD-40 on both sides of the ignition key itself - NOT in the key slot. I then put the key in and rotated on and off about 4-5 times. When I pulled it out and wiped on a clean cloth, there was a bit of dust and black gunk that wiped off. I then repeated the WD-40 squirt on the key and removed more dust and gunk/buildup. That seemed to have fixed most of the problem, except every 3rd or 4th time whenever I removed the key very very slowly, the cylinder lock would get hung up and either not pop out or there would be a 3 or 4 second delay before it would pop out.

So I got a can of small engine carb cleaner and this time I gave it one short and quick squirt with the straw inserted into the key slot. Then I put the key in the key slot and rotated 3 or 4 times and pulled out; I then repeated these steps one more time. Well that carb cleaner did the trick - it got rid of all remaining gunk in the ignition cylinder. Now, no matter how slowly I try to pull the key out of the ignition, the lock cylinder pops right out immediately and every time. It's been over a week and the problem has not returned and the lock cylinder is still just as responsive in popping out.

Hope this helps!
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