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Ignition switch question!

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I think mine's done, and wanted to ask you guys what you thought because I'm sure you've had an experience with it at some point...
One night after a hard downshift my stereo stopped working. I later learned that it was because the switched power that comes from the ignition switch went dead. Today I pulled the dash apart and confirmed that the continuity from the switch to the stereo harness was OK, and there's also good 12V going to the switch. This leads me to believe the switch is done.
Anyways, I wanted to ask if you guys think this sounds reasonable, and if so I'll drop the money for a switch this week. If you have any other ideas I'd appreciate them also!
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Re: Ignition switch question! (Fahrfrumluzin)

Assuming you had the switched turned on, yes.

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Re: Ignition switch question! (Fahrfrumluzin)

Ya, the switch was on... you think that's it?
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