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Ignition switch woes

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After some switch troubles over the past year, my 92 Passat would finally not turn over today. Previously, the no-start issue was only when the outside temperature was high or the car was driven quite a bit and was hot. It would eventually turn over after a few tries. No such luck today, and it is not very hot outside either. I suspect the culprit ignition switch is on its last legs. If so, I would like to install a push start switch as a quick cheap that some of fellow vortexers have self installed. Can somebody who has installed one provide some assistance or the posting with some instructions for a do-it self installer. How do I search for this posting on VWVortex. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Ignition switch woes (Hitesh)

That may help you in the short run, but that's not the only ignition switch problem. If it's getting flaky, the main power circuits in your car will start to come and go. You can't put off the ignition switch job forever, so consider getting it over with now.
Search on this forum, archived posts, terms such as "ignition switch" "push button", "start switch", etc. You may have to read deep into each thread before you find something. Try also the Golf/Jetta 2 forum.
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