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We'll after having much trouble with my internet provider I am back. I was so very angry that for some reason my isp dumped me for no reason. I was afraid my site would take a beating and me not know about it. but alas its all good and i have ALOT of updates to do.
I have also found my idle problem!! it is the fuel shutoff switch. I remembered blitz saying his was set to not rest on it for some reason and he put it back. well I did the opposite. I set it so it wouldnt rest on it. and BOOM. no idle problems. i still have a slight hesitation problem but at least i dont have to play with the throttle at idle. I also found 2 small hoses that are leaking air. as soon as i replace those I'll go from there.
It's good to be back. even though i see there are some changes
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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