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i'm confused

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i have to get a car, and i'm deciding between a gt/golf/jetta/a4. this is a parent sponsored project so i dont have too much money to spend on aftermarket parts, my dad's not into that; but i still want a pretty original car. i'm looking for some nice wheels, they dont have to be racing hearts, but pretty good. i also want a drop i guess, if i'm gonna do the wheel thing. and also i was thinking about a front grill and no other kit piece, how does that look/work? and finally, i wouldn't mind some good bass/system and maybe a muffler for looks. i dont care about speed, it was going to fast that got me into this rut in the first place. so how much would this cost me, and are the 17 factory for the gti/jetta good enough? thanks
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Re: i'm confused (smokeybear)

Re: i'm confused (smokeybear)

You should look into a GTI its not as expensive as other rides (or a golf if you like) stock 180hp should be fine
Suspension try a cupkit which are usually cheaper
sub- add a 10" sub/amp bazooka type thing
rims: check tirerack.com theres lots of nice combos for about $1000..
exhaust...dunno bout that one
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Only YOU can prevent forest fires......... lol
Go for either the GTI or the Golf. Much more of an original car over here than a Jetta or an A4. Hatchback=character http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: i'm confused (smokeybear)

Well yeah You should go with the gti 1.8T it is relativly cheap to get more power from it and it is much cheaper to buy than vr6. If You want cheaper inssurance then Jetta would be the answer. Whatever You will endup doing VW is the way to go. Peace. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: i'm confused (fly gti)

between gti/golf/jetta/a4..i would probably get the gti 1.8T or golf 1.8T (if u can still
find them).
if ur gonna get muffler u might as well go for cat back since i think its not
that much more.
for suspension...hr cup kit sounds like a good deal.
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