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PG 1 - Timeline, and Before and after pictures. Majority of progress pictures (2010)
PG 6 - VF Mounts
PG 8 - 2010 H20
PG 10 - Teardown begins. Interior gutting..
pg 12 - removed wiring
pg 13 - B+M shifter, ecu mounted
pg 16 - Custom gauge panel
pg 18 - Roll bar received, dash and harness
pg 19 - Motor back in, sound deadening, dash assembled
PG 21 - Rota Grids Purchased
PG 22 - CF sunroof
pg 24 - Sparcos in
PG 38 - TAROX BBK installed
PG 42 - Lowered and finally on Grids
PG 46 - Our journey ends

The following thread has been a long time coming and I finally started writing it up now that the last things are coming together. I had every intention of making a thread and posting pics as progress took place, but I was working on this car every weekend after coming from school and working at a weekend job too, so at the end of the day, the last thing I wanted to do was take pictures, upload them, and throw it up on the tex. Plus, because of the attention span of vortex, I figured posting one thread with pictures from start to finish would be better.

Shortly after I got her. I know….

I bought my car stock, a virgin, in the fall of 08. I had my stage of typical no-no mods and hiccups, but after meeting my g/f, and spending more time learning some things, Id like to think It began to clean itself up. I originally modded the ko3s, then went on to ko4 setup. My ko4 setup and a faulty catch can line ended up costing me the turbo seals, blown valve guides, and blown rings. SO I dropped in rods and ARP hardware, got a hybrid wheel for the turbo and decided to do my first wire tuck. I ran the wires through the tray and under the rail, and deleted a lot of stuff. This is where the bug started. I made a little over 250whp and close to 280 wtq on the ko4-02x setup and loved it. But the setup was not at its full potential and I was about to pay for custom software in order to get more out of it. Why bother I said.

It was my first big build, that I did with suspension, LSD, full 42DD exhaust, etc. I went to h20 last fall with no intentions of doing anything to my car, at least major, ever again. Until I saw a gti 50 trim take off from a light. The sound, the speed, the intimidation, was everything I wanted. I don’t know whose car it was, but THANK YOU haha. I decided that after all I had learned and done with the car, it was time to take the plunge into a shaved bay project/bt build for my car. I sold the ko4 kit and went back to k03s for a while to save up and gather parts. The ko4 kit was enough to buy my 3076 .63 and after that, everything followed as my weekend job slowly got me parts. I had a lot to learn about BT builds, parts etc, and I spent the next few months doing my homework on what turbo to get, int/ext gated, etc.

There’s the history, on to the cooler stuff and of course more pictures.

Before I continue, I need to thank everyone who helped me with this.. First and foremost are my friends. Charlie, Page, Jake, Pat, Ryan, Keenan and of course, Doms. All of you had put COUNTLESS hours of help into my car and guided my decisions and methods, and provided enormous support. I will never forget i.. My dad too, for putting up with the air compressor, grinder, trailer, parts, welder, tools and dirty garage for about 2-3 months haha. Finally, the Doppke family whom let me borrow their 04 jetta 1.8t for thre months so I could get to and from school :D

Also many forum contributors were a great help,

Andrew M for parts and service :thumbup:
Corradogirlie for tech advice and loads of help.
Rich/prokchop for the ecu, and lots of question answering :D
Elvir, Savvvvv, Rogue, turbowolf, and others for wiretuck/bayshave info
Tommy, (ted Brogan) for parts, tools, and advice.
Ed and Steve from FFE, you guys- are honestly amazing- we need more Vendors like FFE
Arnold at PagParts
Guys at Mobileone

There are plenty more, but thanks to anyone I forgot, this build wouldn’t have happened without you.

The plan:
A stylish/clean shaved bay, wire tuck and bay clean-up that would also be functional and not too showy. Each component would serve a purpose and look good at the same time. My rule was that the disassembly of this car (ie motor being pulled) should take no longer than 2 hrs, and that the hood could be opened at a show, track day and be impressive to others but yet the car could still perform. I wasn’t about to put a 30r on the car and have no intentions of driving the car hard.

For weeks, as I gathered parts and knowledge, I began to plan what was now my second wire tuck on the car, and like a diseased addict I made MS paint diagrams at school, drew schematics in class, and wrote out lists of parts I needed and how wires would be routed. I took inspiration from cars online and then tried to improve, twist, and build on what I had seen/learned.

There were stages to the build. Disassembly, wiring removal and dash removal, wire tuck and re routing. Bay stripping welding/shaping. Then motor cleaning painting, and part assembly. Each stage began to blend, and after the car came back from paint, the fine tuning and wiring took place along with motor install and the first drive. The weeks following consisted of expected troubleshooting, 2 broken axles, overheating., oil leaks and noises, but it’s a vw soooo.

This build was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience, but time consuming, expensive, and hard work. I wouldn’t of had it any other way than doing it all with my friends. The only thing we did not plan and execute would have been the painting, which I can thank Dannr auto body for in Fox River Grove, IL. :thumbup:

The Timeline:

Part picture- All the parts started accumulating in the basement

Before teardown- the night before I started, mmm Chicago winter salt spray

Motor almost out!

See ya stage one clutch


Dash off- will this go back on smoothly?

Wiring pictures- :eek:

Custom velour door cards baby

Loose wiring- wont be needing this!

Frame rail holes

Battery wire through fender rail

Wires go through rail, out behind pedals

Ecu on top of oem power supply block

From the top

Harness- Ahh finally

All cleaned up!

The motorz

Manifold welding- nothing says sexy like argon fumes,

Bay shaving- **grinder noise** dusty, small fires etc

Priming block and trans, then paint

Fuseblock in raintray

Clutch install (that’s me in the green)

On the way to the body shop!

At the body shop, notch filled and fenders shaved, bay primed

Powdercoated parts came in

The finished product!

Doms was driving?

What to do now? I still need to dyno the car and make some power, race axles and a few other mods. But the car even on WG pressure is outstanding. Just driving the car around at this stage is enough to make me happy. I have even beat a few cars like mach 1, exo X, some bug eyes etc Open dump sounds great and is a real eye opener. I’ve had this thing up to 23-24 psi and I cant describe how amazing the 30r is, way more than I anticipated and I haven’t even touched the tune yet. Never before have I seen 80+ so fast, and acceleration so intense in my little jetta haha

Well, as most people may know, I try to spread what I know and help out where I can. And I usually talk way too much, or more than needed when it comes to it. But any questions about anything feel free to ask me, wire tuck, power mods, etc, and ill do all I can to shed some light. Thanks for reading this epic novel and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I plan on updating THIS thread from here on out with pictures, new ideas, product additions etc.

Thank you


Dom and a huge dog

H20i 2010 Updates (also on page 8) :thumbup:
Idk where to put these without making a new thread that has zero mk4 content sooo...here are a few of our highlights from h20 weekend in pictumature form. Dev and I had a great time so thank you to everyone who helped make it as memorable as it was :)

Dev in charge :cool:

La la la, im dom and i heart my multicolored sunglasses!


DBVeeDB + Megaa Sparks

Internet breakfast

Cell phone tower

Kiddie is amused :)

Seafood dinner :eek:


NEWNESS AS OF 04-08-2011:
New Wheels - White Rota Grids, 18x9.5 et 38 all around.


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Engine and drivetrain:
AWP block with IE rods and ARP hardware, stock pistons
AWP head with Supertech springs, titanium retainers, black nitride and SS valves. HD guides.
VHT painted Block and trans, flat black
02j with Peloquin LSD, Southbend STG V 6-puck, sprung clutch kit, Verocious shifter bushings. Redline fluid and ECS magnetic drain plug
Garret gt3076r turbo, ceramic coated hotside, to4s comp housing w/ 4” inlet.
Custom oil+water lines by FFE, black fer fittings, and ss oil lines.
AOP Tubular, equal length exh manifold with AMS cast collector and vibrant SS head flange. Backpurged and tig’d.
AOP custom 3” downpipe to 42DD 3” catback with turndown tip
Tial mv-s 38mm wg with custom dump tube and 1 bar spring
Unitronic 830cc file, with all deletes
Lucas 830cc injectors, walbro 255 in line, aeroquip fuel hose
4” couplers, piping, Vibrant velocity stack and AEM 6” dryflow filter
VF engine mounts, powedercoated wrinkle black
AOP custom intercooler piping with cxracing core and 42dd map flange. 2.5” hot and cold
Tial 50mm “Q” BOV w/ 11 psi spring
Audi tt225 intake mani with NS perf gasket
034 catch can and tapped VC.
NS sandwich plate

Deletes and Additions:
Deleted: SAI, n249+n112, Combi valve, EVAP, blueballs, A/C comp+Condensor, Coolant ball, windshield res and lines, misc brackets, supports, and wiring loom.(All associtated wiring for components also removed) horns. Stage 2 deletes include Heater core, associated coolant lines, rear 12v outlet, wiper wiring and motor assembly, power window motors, door wiring, comfrot module, airbag wiring module and units. Stock seat belts, carpet, sound paneling, and interior trim from window line down. trunk liner, oem sunroof, hvac controls, radio,s peakers, and assocaited wiring.
Relocated batter to trunk, fusebox mounted on inner firewall, ECU is mounted on inner fire wall, above exhaust tunnel. Cleaned and removed wiring from main chassis harness for fuel door and trunk unlocks, airbags, etc. FOr a simple, essential harness. Bypassed Clutch positioning switch.

Moroso Coolant recovery tank on DS frame rail/rad support. P/S res under passenger side framerail. All ECU wiring ran through center of DS frame rail and into dash compartment. Headlights, battery powers and misc ran through fender rail

FK streetline coilovers
R32 CA bushings
Deleted FSB
Hot Pink powder coated Hotchkis 30mm RSB
15mm spacers wheel spacers with ECS lug bolts
ROta Grids, 18x9.5 et38

B&M short shifter
Digital boost gauge inside gauge cluster
Custom vent panel with Autometer ultra-lite gauges: Oil press, Oil temp, and EGT
GLI pedal set
Sparco 383 comp steering wheel with momo hub
Autopower Race roll bar (4pt)
Sparco Chrono Roads with speedware mounts
Schroth Harnesses (6pt)
Paintmatched and cleared interior floor/metal
Custom CF radio panel with various switches
"Gas" oem switch for dual solenoid boost controller
Euro gas door popper switch, in stock dimmer location

Shave hood notch and fenders
De-badged trunk and paint matched emblem backing
Paint matched wolfsburg rear valence
4motion front lip.
Euro rubstrip
Ziza E-codes
Seidl Grill
Mattig euro cup mirrors
Black b pillars
20% tint
Candy cane R/C/R/C taillights
CF sunroof plug/panel from lighterfaster.com
CF antenna plug, custom

987.1 Cayman S, MK4 R32, S124 E320
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So many words :eek:

Sleeper at it's finest, done so cleanly and properly. Looks great finally all together man :thumbup: :beer:
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