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Re: Im feeling flat......black (freezermink)

Quote, originally posted by freezermink »
i had a low gloss painted onto my grill and the lower area of my oettinger rear bumper in march... it had enough gloss to protect, but unfortunately you can't clear over flat. it has held up great with a few small rock chips, but thats to be expected.
i did paint a set of teardrops a few years ago, but used a thick coat of high gloss in between coats of flat black and finished it off with a thick coat of flat black. it still had a flat finish but had the protection of 4 layers of the gloss. something to think about.
pics of the grill

Modified by freezermink at 6:35 PM 7-30-2007

i love this car http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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