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Re: Im feeling flat......black (blackoutjetta)

Alot of mis information in this thread !!
There are 2 ways for this and most (all) will not be done at the Home Depot. Skip the local hardware store and please go to a reputable auto paint supplier in your area. We are working on cars here guys....not kitchen cabinets.

You can use a standard base coat black. There isnt anything special here just base coat black
PPG DCU Deltron 2000
Lay the base coat and then now you have to decide how flat you want it. PPG makes a product called FIXED AND FLAT
PPG DBC 2060
The Fixed and Flat product can be mixed by itself for a 100% FLAT finish mixed 6:1:1 hardener and reducer. Other PPG clears can be added in different ratios to bring the finish up to Eggshell / satin / semi gloss etc.
A flat clear CANNOT BE WETSANDED !! Be sure you have a very clean painting environment because dust, dirt, bugs whatever....cant be removed. If you need to wetsand out imperfections the clear will have to be reshot.
There are some HOT ROD finishes on the market that are a single stage flat base coat. Many are very hard to lay with out becoming blotchy.
From an experienced painter....I suggest spending the $$ and taking it to your local shop. The cost may be less than you expect. Shop around and find an "enthusiast friendly" paint shop.
PM me for any questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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