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im gunna scream!

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well folks, after a couple days of window rattles, and scratchin sounds as the window goes up and down, the window made a loud pop, and boom! window fell to the floor... stupid regulator... thank God we have a garage...
vw better be ready to fix this baby asap...
high five vw!
p.s. i thought this was supposed to happen to jettas, not bugs?

p.s.s. is this something they'll fix asap?

[Modified by senorbuck, 8:54 PM 12-2-2001]
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Re: im gunna scream! (senorbuck)

I took mine to Valley a few weeks ago....got it back the next day.
Re: im gunna scream! (senorbuck)

From the symptoms you had, sounds like the weatherstripping came loose and then jammed up the works. Hope the dealer can take care of you quickly.
Dan 00nbglx
Re: im gunna scream! (dhk)

Actually several NB windows have been know to actually explode and chip the paint on the Door. Call yourself lucky. Dealer should fix the problem if your under warranty.
Re: im gunna scream! (Bug_Power)

took the car in, they fixed the left... they also finally fixed the right which i noticed was scratched a week after i bought the car... turns out there was a staple inside the window/door frame thingy from manufacturing... go figure right?
thanks guys!
-sbuck http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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