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Re: I'm makign custom enclosures for two 12's and rear 6.5"s....need ... (beernutdrums)

Quote, originally posted by beernutdrums »
alright; heres the scoop. I'm making custom enclosures in the rear of my scirocco...(sorry, i have no pics). I have it angled so that the twelves and the 6.5s are facing inward, cones meeting together around where the middle of the backseats would be:

I'm not so much worried about the subs on this, but the 6.5's: should i reverse the lfet/rt. speakers because of the angle they travel? is it gonna make a difference?
SHoudl i shim the 6.5's so that they are more parallel to the hatch facing the front of thecar?
i should have all the work done by this weekend, 2 12's, the 6.5's, mounted and hidden amps, cooling fan running inline with the amps...etc. I'll have pics soon.
Thanks for the help http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Sounds like a cool project!
You don't need to reverse connections on the 6.5's. Right should be hooked up to right and left to left. If you are using the 6.5's as a rear fill speaker only, they should be at lower playing level than the front anyway so I would not worry about the way they are facing. If however they are being used in a 5.1 system, placement is more of an issue and you would want them directed towards the front.
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