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i'm new at this and i really need some questions answered (used search already)

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i have an 03 gti and i'm looking to get either the h&r sport springs or the eibach sport suspension kit (the ones certified by vw). i'm not looking for a huge drop, i just want to decrease the gap while improving comfort. i don't race or anything. actually i drive in a pretty conservative manner for the most part. i was just curious if aftermarket shocks/struts are required for these springs. please consider that i just use the car to get from point a to point b for the most part. i don't drive aggressively.

here's a pic so i get more views.. also to show you just how badly i need to lower the car. lol.

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Re: i'm new at this and i really need some questions answered (ahnbomb)

Unless you get carsick with the factory suspension, I would not go any stiffer than VWs Eibach option. The lower the car gets, the less suspension travel you have. Suspension travel is need for a good ride quality... by non-agressive standards. I'm sure you'll get some extortions to use brand X and that it's the greatest.
Your profile suggests that you would regret going to stiffer sport springs.Your nature and use of the vehicle at this point in time indicate that modification is to be avoided.
the perception of ride and handling is a phenomenon that is unique to the individual. You seem happy with your car in its current state, but mine would be different. I've sampled GTI's of your vintage and the ride characteristics make me carsick, so knowing your own preference, you're wise to be conservative.
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Re: i'm new at this and i really need some questions answered (lotus7)

Keep in mind the dealer is gonna charge you like 4-6hours of labor.....just to keep it in warrantee and guarantee the work for only 12months (standard for accessories). The other thing, is these springs are not made to be paired with your current struts....so the struts will wear out faster.
I had these springs with stock struts and was not happy after 10k miles when the struts started to show wear.
You seem to want a cushy ride so you will probably be fine with this setup.
Good luck....dont let the dealer charge you $400 labor It should not take them more than 1.5hrs....I have installed about 7 suspensions. If you know what you are doing and have the tools....it should not be 4-6hrs.
wow, thanks for the prompt replies. actually, i've reconsidered and spent some time reading past posts in this thread and now i'm thinking about getting the h&r sport springs along with the bilstein sport shock set because i've heard good things about both of these. just need to shell out an extra $400 dollars or so for the shock set now.. lol..

haha, it really is true what ppl say about vortex, it really does empty your wallet pretty fast.
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Re: (ahnbomb)

my mechanic will not do business with Eibach nor will he install any Eibach product!!! He does recomend the H & R cup kit
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Re: (adumb)

thats funny because the cup kit is infamous for blowing out struts....in the past at least.....not sure if they have revised it. FWIW, Bilstein offers it's own Cup Kit now....
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