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im screwed!

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can anyone tell me what the deal is with my car. i have a 98 gti 2.0, i lost a lot of power. i cant rev past 2500rpm. it tops out at around 60mph. am i screwed? when my a/c is on my car stalls when idling. the engine check light has been on for a while. the place that is supposedly supposed to fix my car is laggin. anyone know what my problem is??
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fix all the nessesary things like plugs, distributor....try cleaning the maf and the throttle body.....then if the problem is still there go to a tech.
Re: im screwed! (the blue one)

Clogged cat converter?? But I agree with what was said above, do the basics first. Tune up, plugs, wires, cap and rotor (if it's got that ), and then drive it around. If its better the light will go out after a day or two. If the light is still on then get it scanned and see what you have for a code.
Re: im screwed! (hansrandal)

i would take your car to a tech or some place that can do a diagnostic check...go and see what it pulls up on the computer first before doing anything....
thanks for the replies. i'll get it checked out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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