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I'm stumped, need some help

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2 questions for you guys:
1st: I had an alignment done and the left rear is toed in a few degrees. The shop said there is nothing they can do about this. True or false. Are there shims or something I can use to straighten it out or do I need to replace the rear beam. If I replace it, which cars are compatible? If I switch, I want to get rear discs. Will any A2 16V work?
2nd: I opened the cap on my radiator overflow tank and noticed a sludge around the top of the tank. What is it? Do I just need to flush the system or do I have a bigger problem. It has been a year since the system was last flushed.
Forgot to mention, this is on the 83 Rabbit.

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Re: I'm stumped, need some help (retrohasen)

my rear wheel was at a horrible angle and i had to have the rear axle beam replaced.
Re: I'm stumped, need some help (retrohasen)

1. Yes there are shims available. They can be used to adjust toe and/or camber. The reason you need them, though is either your axle or chassis is bent, or the bushings are severely worn (less likely). Bentley doesn't list shims as an available option, so a lot of racing classes don't allow their use. For street use, though, shims are acceptable. I think BSI and a few other places sell them.
2. It depends on what the sludge is. I'm gonna guess oil because you said it's around the top of the overflow tank (the highest point in the system). Any chance you have a water to oil oil cooler/heater? Also, if you flush it now, do yourself a favor and remove the overflow tank to clean it completely. A lot of sediment settles there. Once a year is far too often to need to flush the cooling system. Any chance what you're seeing is just residue you didn't get out last time?
Re: I'm stumped, need some help (flogger)

This may or may not work, but shine racing sells camber spacers for the rear in 1 degree increments. I can't remember if the axle bolts are symmetric, but if they are you could turn the camber spacer 90 degrees and effect toe-in.
Re: I'm stumped, need some help (retrohasen)

Shims work well, shouldn't be a problem.
Did you do a reverse flow flush? You'd be suprised at what is in there. Monitor the amount of sludge, if the car gives you no reason to believe that something is wrong and you don't get more sludge then I wouldn't worry about it.
If you do go to the rear disk setup and you want to replace the beam, you'll need a scirocco 16v beam. Its the only A1 I know that had rear disks.
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