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Immediate help needed...Please...

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1984 GTI 1.8l 8v, 4K 5sp....
Ok. Drove the car this evening and it was fine, aside from the usual 'reverse clunk'(motor mount?)...
Anyway. Roomie takes car to work, car's fine. Roomie heads home and for no reason and with no warning, on an ordinary shift from 4th to 5th gear, 5th gear disappears and he shifts to 3rd instead. He freaks, shifts back to 4th and limps it home.
Now the stick is VERY loose and wobbly, and I can only find 3rd and 4th gears. WTF is causing this? This is the only roller we have, so I have to have it fixed ASAP, no $$$ for the shop.
So I call upon the mighty powers of the VORTEX in my 'It's 20-minutes-after-one-in-the-morning-and-I-have-to-be-up-at-5:00' stupor...
If I can fix this before 2:00pm, there's a cookie in it for you
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Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (SidRocco)

i'm sure you've already check shift linkage and alightment right?
edit: okay okay... you're 1st check is to cover the linkages. make sure all your bushing are still in place and connections are good. Lunitixx has a good write up for you at: http://www.lunitixx.com/techtips.htm

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Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (PDX Cabby)


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Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (SidRocco)

notice i made an edit... best of luck... got coffee?
Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (PDX Cabby)

6700+ posts!! yikes...yeah id check the linkage. If thats not it it'll be inside the tranny id guess.
Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (deathhare)

quote:[HR][/HR]6700+ posts!! yikes...[HR][/HR]​
Made me wonder too, 6700 posts and never heard of the shift linkage on A1's doing this?? It's as common as going over 3K on the oil change.
Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (92foxrox)

I know I know, but I've only had my Bunnies a few weeks. I've had my Rocco two years, but it never happened on my Rocco and the Rocco Forum is kinda slow, so I never heard about it before.
Thanks a ton for the info, I learn something everyday
Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (SidRocco)

Same thing happened to my '84 GLI - on the drive home from the dealership in June 1984. In my case part of the linkage had popped off/separated/whatever. 15 minutes later I was back on the road and never had another problem with it.
Re: Immediate help needed...Please... (Kevin Rowley)

I am 100% certain that the problem is that the small 'dog bone' popped off of the selector rod. I had this happen to me in a race once. It was on a restart, and I was coming down the front straight and went to change from 4th to 5th as I was passing two cars. Well, the car went into 3rd and the motor probably saw 8500-9000 rpm!!

Anyway, it's an easy fix. You can use some safety wire to hold it on until you get a new one, which costs like $3 from Potterman.
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