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In the Market - How much $ for a TDI NB?

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I am in the market for a NB for my wife. I want to get her a TDI and then chip it. I have been doing some research on traderonline, etc. to see some prices, but one thing they don't offer is which car is the best: a 98, 99, 00, 01, 02?
QUESTION: What model year seems well proven and problem-free.
QUESTION: What should I be aware of when going into a used NB purchase
QUESTION: What should I look to pay for a quality - used NB?
I do know cars well and have two VWs now. (New Passat and New GTI) I will know a good car when I see it, but in terms of the hunt, I ask these questions.
Thanks for your responses.
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Re: In the Market - How much $ for a TDI NB? (Navegar)

"TDI engines are well designed and well proven. The problems of any NB are not at all engine related (TDi or other ones), but about the rest : interior items peeling, 02 sensors constantly in trouble, electrical stuff like power windows breaking often, gas lid won't open because of poor related wire design, etc. Check out the great comments about them everywhere on the site."
I agree, except that TDI do not have the 02 sensors, so those troubles are avoided. The TDI engine has remained the same, but for 2002 models the timing belt was upgraded and the change interval extended accordingly. Early NB's had an inadequate "Relay 109" that should be upgraded with the improved replacement (a $20 or so part). Also, it would be good to know what oil was used and if good diesel fuel and additives were been used consistently.
If your haven't, check the FAQ and Forum at tdiclub.com for lots of help!
Best of luck in finding your TDI! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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